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David Harley Review

I can’t say enough good things about this attorney! So knowledgeable and professional and never once made me feel anything but a valued client. I had been pushed off by the school system for almost 10 years, even though I knew my child had issues, he was able to push through in a matter of weeks to get her the help she needed! And he is a nice person who cares, I sure can’t say that for some attorneys that I have had to deal with!

- (5 star review)

Best Education Lawyer in SC

David did an incredible job representing a client I referred to him in the Education law area. He had an incredible eye for detail…details that anyone practicing in other areas who did not know Education law would ever had any idea. His many years in Education law saved the day and my client’s case. More importantly, David brought a strategic view to the case that most lawyers lack and was able to implement some very creative tactics against the other side to execute that strategy fully. He had the other side trembling in their boots as they had no idea that anyone outside of education had a clue how Boards of Education operate.

- (5 star review)

review of David Harley

I have had significant experience with attorneys. David Harley by far is one of the finest attorneys I have ever worked with. A person of integrity, extremely knowledgeable, and an individual who can be trusted to act in your best interests

- (5 star review)