Employment Law:

Harley Law, LLC, handles employment and labor matters involving discrimination and disparate treatment, harassment, hostile work-place, wrongful termination, retaliation, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Fair Labor Standards Act (over-time pay, minimum wage, nursing mother's break-time, working conditions violations, record keeping), The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Equal Pay Act, American with Disabilities Act, breach of contract, and violations of employee handbooks and procedures.  Harley Law, LLC, has experience in negotiating employment contracts, ex-patriot contracts, severance agreements, retirement agreements and settlement agreements.

Education Law: 

Harley Law, LLC, handles school related legal matters in all areas of education law: special education, Individual with Disabilities Education Act, special education due process hearings,  American with Disabilities Section 504, discipline (expulsion and suspension; alternative placement and interim alternative educational setting), personal injury, civil rights, bullying, teacher dismissals and employment matters, school policy and procedures and discipline. 

Practice Areas

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Administrative Law

Harley Law primarily handles administrative cases in education and employment law matters such as before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Departments of Human Affairs, Teacher dismissals and employee grievance or arbitration hearings.  

Civil Rights: 

Harley Law primarily handles civil rights cases in the school, employment  and religious settings as well as public official arena. 

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